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By Mike Peters

April 1, 2019

PDMI is an event catering to the DR (Direct Response) industry, held twice a year - in Miami (PDMI East) and San Diego (PDMI West). The conference centers around speaker sessions and an after-hours networking lounge.

Attendees are PDMI members and industry veterans, that have been working together for years. Its a very tight-knit community.

PDMI was the first conference we attended that was all about HelpGrid and ClickCRM.

Our HelpGrid call-center have been handling inbound customer support for the past 3 years. At PDMI, we announced launching outbound shopping-cart abandonment services, where we help our clients recover 21% of orders lost due to customers abandoning the cart.

Response has been nothing short of amazing. In the 6 months since we introduced HelpGrid's fix for shopping-cart abandonment, HelpGrid more than doubled its revenues. This is what product-market fit is all about!

In other exciting news - ClickCRM, our home grown battle-tested eCommerce Platform, that's processing hundreds of millions in online sales, expanded to the DR industry and welcomed Jerome Alexander as a client.

From time to time we like to attend new events, that we never attended before. Getting outside our comfort zone and all that good stuff. Coming into PDMI, we didn't know what to expect. Suffice to say, we were blown away with the Return On Investment.

Thank you PDMI!   We'll be back :-)


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