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The only omnichannel solution capable of quickly integrating all e-commerce data, across all channels, into a single e-commerce platform.   Providing our clients with a complete view into all customer touchpoints and sales performance, with real-time attribution and segmentation.   Fast, Complete and Intuitive.

How we are Different

A software-development company at our core, our unique sales proposition (USP) and competitive edge, are always driven by marrying technology with exceptional service.

Whether we are driving traffic to your website, processing payments, fixing shopping-cart abandonment, monitoring inventory or analyzing millions of ecommerce transactions at sub-second speed, all solutions are based on our home-grown technology.

But we have an important key differentiator -

Companies in our space typically fall into one of two categories:
1. Companies who Build Software
2. Companies who Provide a service, using 3rd party software

As a client, you have to choose between buying Software (that you have to learn, manage and monitor on your own), versus buying Service (where the service provider is limited by the 3rd party software they use).

Yomali's unique approach involves both building the software, as well as providing the hands-on service, across each vertical we operate in.   This combination provides us with unmatched flexibility, fast turn-around times and improved efficiencies.

Yomali owns and operates all software.  
Our people are the ones providing you with the hands-on VIP service.  
And our distributed setup translates into unlimited access to talent, with built-in redundancy.

Not bound by any traditional limitations, flexibility is our middle name when it comes to optimizing towards specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are most important to our customers.


  • Complete CRM system

  • Robust Shopping-cart engine

  • Affiliate Tracking & Management

  • Real-time blazing fast Analytics

  • Flexible Segmentation & Attribution

  • Email-Marketing & Autoresponders

  • Integrates with all 3rd party systems

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