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Giving back is at the heart of Yomali. Every year, we select a few charitable organizations and distribute a portion of our profits where we feel that we can make the biggest impact.

Here's a list of the organizations we have supported over the last year:

XPRIZE Foundation

At XPrize, we focus on solving impossible problems that no private corporation or government would otherwise divert any resources to.

It started with the Ansari X Prize award back in 2004, that launched an entire industry of space exploration - from SpaceX to Virgin Galactic. And went on to continue with water abundance, global learning, recycling carbon emission and most recently - saving our coral reefs.

Advocates of Love

Advocates of Love looks after orphans in distress, focusing on the Samana province of the Dominican Republic.

The foundation seeks to provide 24h care for those children who meet the CONANI standards, and provide community-based care for those who meet the standards set forth by Advocates of Love. In addition to the care provided to the children and families in the Dominican Republic, Advocates of Love is committed to share the mission experience with communities and organizations in the United States.

Claire's Place Foundation

Claire's Place Foundation provides support to children and families affected by cystic fibrosis (CF). Claire's Place Foundation is named in honor of Claire Wineland, now a teenager, who has been living with CF her entire life.

The foundation provides grants to families affected by CF, offering both emotional and financial support. A young author of bestseller "Every Breath I Take, Surviving andThriving with Cystic Fibrosis", Claire's unique inspirational model for people living with this disease has led her to be a TEDx Speaker and receive multiple awards including FoxTeen Choice Awards 2015, Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, Southbay Magazine's "Top 10 South Bay Teen", Looking Beyond LA's "Soaring Spirit Award" and winner of Los Angeles Business Journal's "Small Nonprofit of the Year".

Foundations we support