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Track Customer's Life Time Value

Cosmetics Brand

Since 1968, the Jerome Alexander brand has been perfecting beauty in all aspects of the beauty business. Jerome Alexander became an international phenomenon and a household name sought after in stores and salons worldwide. Pivotal to the makeup industry, the Jerome Alexander brand redefined the world of makeup artistry, setting the standard for high-quality beauty products for women. Jerome Alexander products are unique because they were developed by a makeup artist rather than a product developer.

The Challenge

Like all online retailers, Jerome Alexander are using a dozen different systems to manage and grow their online business. Two shoppingcarts, selling on their website and on Amazon. Multiple media agencies. Fulfillment house. Email platform, ticketing system and so on. It was becoming incredibly hard to keep track of all customer interactions with the company and determine the customer's life time value (LTV). Without knowing the real LTV, the business couldn't effectively plan its marketing campaigns, budgeting the appropriate Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for different products and segments of their audience. Something as simple as looking up the order history of a single customer, involved jumping back and forth between multiple screens.



Fashion & Beauty

Business Benefits:

Single customer-centric source of truth. Real-time tracking of Life Time Value by segment and product.
Jerome Alexander
  • Richard Scheiner, Director of DTC Marketing
    Jerome Alexander
"ClickCRM omnichannel solution integrated all our e-commerce data, helping us finish the year with an outstanding 6% order conversion rate."

The Solution

Within a few short weeks, the team at ClickCRM, integrated with all of Jerome Alexander's 3rd party providers. Data from the shopping cart, fulfillment house and marketing landing pages, was all unified into a single customer-centric fast and intuitive system.

The ClickCRM system empowered Jerome Alexander to lookup customers, determine Life Time Value by product / segment, send email marketing broadcasts and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by traffic source.

Armed with the correct Life Time Value numbers, Jerome Alexander was able to increase their marketing spend in specific demographics, while tracking conversion rates, refund rates and the actual Return On Investment (ROI) across all marketing channels.