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Increase Revenues

Vitamins & Supplements

FDA and GMP Registered, Science Natural Supplements is an online retailer specializing in sales of all-natural, GMO free, vitamins and supplements. The company has been in business for 10 years. Science Natural Supplements aims to help everyday people get pain free, lose weight and feel great about themselves.

The Challenge

The business was growing but at a slower rate then expected. We were tasked with improving conversion and card acceptance rates. The business was also suffering from high chargebacks and losses incurred through accepting chargebacks without representment. Lastly, the business needed help with staying on the right side of payment processing law by complying with the myriad of complexities adhering to FTC, FDA and payment regulations.



Health & Wellness

Business Benefits:

Improved conversion rates that led to a 120% increase in revenues. Reduced chargebacks and fraud.
Cody Bramlett
  • Cody Bramlett, Founder & CEO
    Science Natural Supplements
"GetPayment enabled us to grow our business by 120% in 6 months by improving conversion rates, while reducing chargebacks and fraud."

The Solution

GetPayment suggested 15 checkout improvements at the website level via its in house checkout and conversion team. These changes increased conversion rates by 30%.

In addition, Getpayment analyzed the customers and geo locations and helped obtain three merchant accounts in diffrent geos which maximized card acceptance for the business, increasing revenue by $2m.

Getpayment then tackled chargeback representment and fraud by implementing a leading chargebacks representment tool and in house alerts which saved the business an additional 500k.

Getpayment team analyzed all new and existing products that were offered for FTC and FDA violations via our an in-house compliance team. The website was updated to reflect ingredeints and best practice and recommendations. This ultimately led to Science Natural Supplements payment processing fees to be reduced due to increased vigilence and reduced risk.