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Immune Boosting Superfoods

PureLife Organics was born after the wife of owner Todd Lamb, suffered a terrible accident on the job as a police officer. She could no longer exercise and maintaining a healthy weight became more and more of a struggle. After trying every diet and weight loss trick she could find, nothing worked until the couple made a few strange discoveries that have now changed the lives of millions of people around the world... including their own.

The Challenge

In business for 5 years, PureLife Organics tested many traffic partners, looking for a way to drive consistent quality traffic to their online store. Media agencies asked for upfront payments with no performance guarantees. The interests were not aligned. Mailers drove a few spikes in traffic, but with diminishing returns due to list fatigue. And a few affiliates generated fraudulent orders. The business was looking for a partner they can rely on in driving consistent high-quality traffic, under a CPA performance-marketing model. PureLife Organics were happy to pay a fixed commission per every new customer, but only after sales are generated. They didn't want to pay in advance with no guarantee that a marketing campaign will generate a positive ROI (Return On Investment).



Health & Wellness

Business Benefits:

Consistent quality traffic that converts into online orders, at a fixed CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).
Todd Lamb
  • Todd Lamb, Founder & CEO
    PureLife Organics
"MaxWeb offers incredibly high payouts and flexible payment terms. They're always driving traffic to us, telling us what's working and what's not."

The Solution

MaxWeb applied its rigorous selection process in identifying a handful of affiliates with the proper traffic and acceptable marketing channels. Focusing on Facebook and Native content networks, team MaxWeb setup multi-step tracking and worked closely with the selected traffic partners, providing them with creatives and customizing landing pages to create a natural flow between the ad, to the landing page and online store.

After a few weeks of testing different combinations of creatives and landing pages, MaxWeb was able to implement a consistent traffic strategy that has been producing a healthy flow of orders for PureLife Organics.

Ecstatic with the results, PureLife Organics officially announced its partnership with MaxWeb and has been relying on MaxWeb for driving online traffic ever since: