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Increase Conversion Rates

Health Supplements Distributor

Nature's Formula was founded on the belief that there had to be a better way to health than traditional drugs and surgery. The company focused on analyizing the tens of thousands of research papers that existed on natural compounds. Through this research, they realized natural remedies existed that were not only safe, but even more effective than traditional pharmaceuticals. Nature's Formula made it their misssion to get this information out to the public. Now, 25 years later, the company is changing the lives of ver 500,000 people worldwide.

The Challenge

A relatively high product price and a market saturated with competitors, negatively impacted the business' conversion rates. Every day, thousands of online shoppers were visiting Nature's Formula website, some even beginning the checkout process, but abandoning their shoppingcart in the middle and navigating away from the website. The company took a series of steps to optimize the website's conversion rate, but continued to see a high number of abandoned orders. Nature's Formula was looking for a way to engage with these highly qualified customers and avoid leaving so much money on the table.



Health & Wellness

Business Benefits:

Recovered 21% of abandoned shoppingcarts, effectively doubling the conversion rate of website-visitor to paying-customer.
Todd Lamb
  • Chris Fox, Founder & CEO
    Nature's Formula
"HelpGrid helped us recover 21% of our abandoned orders. They are true partners."

The Solution

HelpGrid integrated with the company's checkout page, to capture the details of abandoned customers. HelpGrid began calling Nature's Formula abandoned customers within 3 to 5 minutes of abandoning the checkout page, offering an incentive to complete the order over the phone.

By calling customers quickly on behalf of Nature's Formula, HelpGrid is able to convert a very high percentage of calls into recovered orders. Most often, customers were genuinely interested in the product, but had questions that were not answered on the website, or were simply hesitant due to the high price. HelpGrid's friendly phone reps would answer questions about the product and help address any concerns.

New orders were processed by HelpGrid's agents over the phone, using a PCI-compliant system (the phone rep never has access to the customer's payment's information), pushing orders directly into Nature's Formula CRM system.