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By Anna Gita

November 24, 2019

This is our second time as sponsors and speakers at DMI Expo. And we plan to keep coming back.

While its not as big as some of the other conferences we attend, MaxWeb has a lot of affiliates based in Israel and the smaller crowd allows for spending more quality time with our clients & partners.

Arriving to Israel a day early, gave us the opportunity to see the wailing wall in Jerusalem and visit the garden tomb. The colors, sights and sounds of Jerusalem are truly breathtaking. There's a very unique uplifting energy to this city.

DMIExpo is a 2 day event, with the agenda structured in a way that balances between the exhibitors hall and sessions. There are long breaks and amazing food served to everyone (not just the VIPs). This is the first event we attended where free food & coffee was served throughout the day, breakfast, lunch and a light dinner snack.

The MaxWeb booth attracted a lot of attention! We gave away free swag and a demo of our affiliate network backoffice. Got several compliments and lots of love from longtime affiliates who have been working with us for the past 2 years.

Getting on stage to speak, Anna Gita had the opportunity to practice our presentation, in preparation for next month's Affiliate World Asia, where we get to speak to an audience of 3,000!

You can watch Anna's full DMIExpo presentation here:

Thank you DMIExpo! And thank you Israel. We'll be back soon.


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