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By Anna Gita

September 12, 2019

Established in 2009, DMExco is an annual trade fair for digital marketing and advertising. Its the largest congress trade fair for the digital industry in Europe. It is one of the largest conferences we attend, attracting 38,000 visitors and nearly 1,000 exhibitors.

We especially like DMExco because it's "the big leagues". In every category we operate in, we get to meet companies who have been in business far longer than we have, with bigger pockets and impressive reach. There's always a lot to learn, new partners and blue-chip prospective clients to engage with. SalesForce, Google, Facebook and the likes, have big presence at DMExco. As well as smaller up and coming innovative startups.

Our philosophy is to be "Always a student", approaching conferences like DMExco as a big opportunity to learn and incorporate takeaway lessons into everything we do.

This was our 3rd time attending DMExco and we're definitely coming back next year.

The highlight of the show for us was meeting our partners from AWin, Facebook and Outbrain. Business is all about relationships.

While we all spend a lot of time in front of our computer screens, nothing replaces the bonds and insight you get, when meeting face-to-face.


38,000 key players in digital business, online marketing and innovation.


Cologne, Germany

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