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  • Mike Peters

  • February 15th, 2020

How much do you know about the top CPA affiliate network?

AffPaying, one of the top affiliate review websites, ran a story about MaxWeb, sharing what why MaxWeb is the top CPA affiliate network in the industry. is all about helping CPA marketers join the right CPA affiliate networks. How to Choose the Right CPA Affiliate Network? Do do you know that there are hundreds of CPA affiliate networks out there available for you to join? is based on real affiliates. They leave their opinionated views about the networks they have had experience with and provide ratings in five important areas of a CPA affiliate network:

1. Offers
2. Payout
3. Tracking
4. Support
5. Overall

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  • Mike Peters

  • January 31st, 2020

9 business moguls on how to break into a new industry and make it to the top

Every industry has a few big players that everyone is watching.

What worked great for us is the following process: 1) Identify who the top 10 big players are, 2) Build a relationship with all of them by giving a lot of real value with zero expectations 3) A few months after a real relationship is established, identify if there’s a big problem you can solve for them 4) solve that problem for a low fee 5) Get permission to broadcast this to the world.

Giving a lot of value up front, building a real relationship and in the end - solving a big problem exceptionally well, are all keys to making this work.

I took an e-commerce platform business from zero to $20m a month, in less than 1 year, by getting the top two clients in the industry to switch-over to our platform. We gave them a VIP white-gloves experience with a dirt-low rate and features none of our competitors had. It was a deal they couldn’t say “no” to.

This approach works like magic in every industry we enter. Why? Because people do business with people they know, like and trust.

A quick shortcut to achieving all three is having one of the big players vouch for your work. If you can bend over backwards and make one of the big players in your industry, super happy, you would be attracting a lot of business your way.

Remember that everyone is watching the big players. Be sure that you can WOW them. This approach can quickly backfire if you come across as too aggressive, or provide a lousy service.

For this to work, you can’t be average. You must find a way to exceed client’s expectations, so that they couldn’t help but share amazing feedback about the experience of working with your company.

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