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  • Farahn Gaiter

  • March 25th, 2020

Anna Gita shares 3 Affiliate Rules to Go From 3 to 5 Figures a Day

Late last year, our very own Anna Gita - CEO of MaxWeb, took the stage in Bangkok Thailand, speaking to an audience of 3,000 attendees about best practices we are seeing that super affiliates use, to go from 3 to 5 figures in daily revenues.

In her presentation, Anna covers:

  • How to achieve the right mindset to position yourself above your competition
  • The key ingredient to creating a content strategy that drives conversions
  • Pro networking tips - how a beer/s can take your affiliate campaigns from $100 to $10,000 daily

Expect to fail. Its not a matter of "if" you fail, but "when" you fail. And that is perfectly okay. The important weapon you will need in those moments is your Mindset.

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  • Mike Peters

  • February 21st, 2020

Gary Vaynerchuk and Mike Peters on how to respond when employees royally mess up

A few years ago, one of our people made a silly mistake that cost the business a whopping $2m. We handled it the same way we handle every mistake. We conduct a root-cause analysis to understand what happened exactly, why it happened (the root cause) and the steps we can take to make sure it never happens again.

The method we use to find the root cause is called "The 5 Why’s method". We ask the team a series of “why” questions, until we identify what caused the mistake. We also use an approach called "Change analysis", where we analyze what changes have triggered the mistake.

Our culture is built on rapid development, continually trying new things to help our clients Sell More Online. When you move at break-neck speeds and manage billions of dollars in e-commerce revenues, mistakes are going to happen. We embrace failure, learn from it and use every mistake as an opportunity to get better. It’s about constant and never ending improvement.

That person who made the $2m mistake is still with me to this day and in fact, he is one of the top performers in the company.

When a person makes the same mistake over and over again, I take this as a sign that they are not placed in the right role. Our job as managers is to align our people with roles that are the best fit for their strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of firing a person who makes the same mistake over and over again, as long as they are an A player, with strong work-ethics, the right attitude and positive energy, I will try to reposition them in different roles, until I find the right fit for their skills.

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